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Purchase Conditions

Schurman Company reserves the right to amend these terms at any time.


Entering Information

In order to register and use this site, the information you provide must be real. You will be responsible for your orders so, please, make sure your access information is secure so that nobody else may misuse it.



All the content on this website is aimed at offering information about our products and practical advice on their use. You must make sure you read carefully every package and product labels before using them.


International Orders

Schurman Company is unable to guarantee an accurate shipping time for your order and if your order is held by the customs we will not be able to refund undelivered products or additional charges under these circumstances. You hereby agree and understand that it is your responsibility to be prepared for any delays that may occur in acquiring your product. Furthermore, if the order is held by the customs, the client will cover the cost of the order.


Promotions, Discounts and Offers

Every offer on this website is subject to availability and while stocks last. Schurman Company reserves the right to remove any items from any promotion or discount without previous notification. Many discounts are only available when buying several products or when entering a particular discount code. If the client fails to provide the discount code, the discount may not be applied. If such is the case, the company does not offer refunds.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our products are guaranteed by a 15-day return policy. If you wish to return a product within such term, you must do it at your own expense. Schurman agrees to refund the value of the returned products.


Information Privacy

Schurman Company agrees to maintain all the submitted information private and secure. This information includes your name, address, telephone number, and order history. We may use this information to contact you. However, you may choose to withdraw from marketing mailings at any time in accordance with anti SPAM regulations. You payment details are not saved on our website. Every purchase completed on our website is redirected to credit card safe sites.


Intellectual Property Rights

Schurman Company owns the copyright of every product image, audiovisual material and text on this website. Therefore, we suggest not to replicate any part of this website without prior consent given in writing as it may breach our copyright. Some people believe that content published on the Internet is free to be used but that is not the case. If you are not certain, please do contact us.

External Content

Any external link on this website is only of interest. Schurman Company does not have any control over such sites and therefore is not liable for their content.

Content Presentation

Any content showed on the website by users, including pictures, videos and comments, will be published at the discretion of the company. Schurman Company reserves the right to deny or withdraw the content at any time without prior notification.

Other Terms

If any of these terms are applied to make the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions void or inapplicable, the latter shall not be affected.
These terms and conditions shall not affect your legal rights as a consumer.