Frequently Asked Questions

What are Schurman fibers composed of?

Schurman keratin fibers are composed of natural ingredients of plant origin. No synthetic colors or chemicals are used whatsoever.

What colors are there? How do I know which one to purchase?

There are nine different color shades from which to choose.
To select your color, look in the mirror and observe the color of the root of your hair in the affected area. That is the color you should select. If you are in doubt between two colors, select the darker one.

Can I mix colors?

Of course you can. If you have highlights or a very specific shade you can mix colors to obtain the desired shade. Follow these steps:

  • 1) Apply a thin layer of the darker shade of Schurman fibers; rub your hair gently to disperse the product.
  • 2) Apply the lighter color of Schurman fibers and rub gently to fix the hair.

Will other people notice I am using Schurman?

If you are not entirely bald, Schurman will eliminate the baldness and thicken thin hair. Your hair will look completely natural. It is undetectable to the sight and touch, whether in broad daylight or under a bright light.
Many international celebrities use Schurman. Its effects are so natural that not even HD movie cameras can detect the presence of the product. These cameras catch and show the tiniest details such as pores and wrinkles in actors’ faces; however, they cannot detect natural hair enhanced with Schurman.

Can I apply Schurman on my hair by myself?

Yes, it is quick and simple. You may apply Schurman on your scalp by yourself using a mirror. The application will not take more than one minute. It varies depending on the size of the affected area and your agility. As you acquire more practice it will become easier and you will obtain excellent results.

Can Schurman be used on any type of hair and with any hairstyle?

Schurman works on every kind of hair, from regular thick hair to downy hair. Schurman is very flexible so as to adapt to any hairstyles, whether short or long hair, wavy, straight or curly hair, dyed hair, treatments, and even extensions.

What is the minimum amount of hair needed for Schurman to work?

For optimal results, we recommend using Schurman on hair from 1 or 2 cm long on. Schurman will not work on a shaved head because the keratin fibers would not have anything to which to adhere.

Do Schurman fibers stain?

No. Schurman fibers are natural. They will never leave a stain on your clothes, bed or scalp. If the fibers accidentally fall onto a surface, you may clean them by simply shaking them off. To improve the adherence of the fibers, we recommend using Schurman Fiber Hold Spray.

Can I comb my hair after applying Schurman?

Yes, it is recommended for a better adhesion of the fibers and to achieve the desired style.

How long does one application last?

Each application lasts for days until you decide to remove it by washing your hair with Schurman shampoo.

Does Schurman affect hair growth?

No, Schurman is not a medicine against baldness. They are natural keratin fibers that create volume and thickness instantly, but they do not stimulate hair growth.

How long does one bottle of Fibers last?

That will depend on the size of the affected area. Our 12 g bottle lasts an average of 4 weeks.

Can I use a hair curler or straightener with this product?

Yes, but you must use it before applying the fibers.